Soundcore Life P2 Mini Review On-Board EQ And AI Noise Reduction For Calls


The new Soundcore Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds are a sound heavyweight in small body, featuring on-board equalizer and AI noise reduction for calls!

The Life P2 Mini earbuds are made with glossy plastic (body) and matte plastic (stem) with a metal mesh guard protecting the tip. The stem measures 2.5cm long and 0.6cm thick. It has a square rounded shapre with a microphone pinhole at the end and touch control area on the top front. The Life P2 Mini earbuds don't integrate wingtips but the fit is very secure, thanks to the grippy glossy plastic and low weight (5 grams per earbud). The Life P2 Mini are low profile too so, they stick very little out of the ears.

Touch control functions include play/pause, skip track to previous, skip track to next, calls (answer/end/reject), voice assistant and EQ (equalizer) mode, which gives you access to three sound presets with three different sound signatures: balanced, boosted bass and podcast (vocal booster), which lowers the bass and treble slightly while raising the midrange. The bass EQ mode makes the bass sound more noticeable and, it slightly raises the amplification too, making the volume a bit louder. Having the equalizer on-board is convinient; however, it would have been useful if a voice prompt was used (instead of a short, fainty beep) to announce each EQ mode. The included user guide doesn't actually mention the Life P2 Mini is equipped with three EQ modes, other than the product listing page.

The Life P2 charging case lid opens upright and has a strong hinge that prevents the lid from wobbling about. The underside of the lid is padded with thick rubber to keep the earbuds secured in their pods while charging. The Life P2 Mini charging case integrates a 640mAh rechargeable battery that takes 3 hours to fully charge from 0-100%. The Life P2 Mini charging case does not support wireless charging. The Life P2 Mini harging case has an oval pebble-shaped design (6cm long, 4.5cm wide and 3cm high) with a matte coating on it that doesn't mark easily with fingerpritns.

Because the Life P2 Mini earbuds are not supported by the Soundcore app, they do not benefit from extra features like button remapping and customizable EQ like the Soundcore Life P3 earbuds do. That said, the original Life P2 version isn't supported by the Soundcore app either and, it isn't equipped with on-board EQ modes; hence the Life P2 Mini is more versatile in the sound department.

There is no volume control for the Life P2 Mini and, while touch controls are not remappable they are mirrored on both earbuds so, you can play/pause and handle calls with either the left earbud or the right earbud, making touch controls functions easy to remember. Voice assistant is activated via the left earbud, while EQ mode is enabled via the right earbud via a triple tap. Touch controls are responsive and not overly sensitive, requiring only a light tap to activate.

The Life P2 Mini earbuds can be paired while inside the charging case. There are no status leds on the earbuds; hence no annoying blinking when listening to audio. On the downside though, because there is no status leds, you cannot visually tell whether the earbuds are powered on or not. The earbuds cannnot paired separately with different devices but, you can switch between them for stereo and mono listening. Switching between earbuds is seamless (e.g. no pauses, no disconnection) and reconnection is instantanous; hence when you take the earbuds out of the charging case there is no-reconnection delay.

Speaking of calls, the Life P2 Mini deliver clear calls and surpringly good background noise suppression, using AI noise reduction. If you work from home and need to block noise (e.g. from a construction site), the Life P2 Mini will do the job perfectly. The Life P2 Mini bluetooth 5.2 chipset supports AAC and SBC codecs. No aptX support. No multipoint connection. The charging time of the Life P2 Mini earbuds is 2 hours and a full charge can provide around 8 hours of music playtime at 50% volume. 


The Life P2 Mini earbuds do not support a quick charge. The charging case holds around 32 hours of extra charge; hence battery performance is very comparable to the standard Life P2. The Life P2 Mini charging case weighs 38 grams and recharges via USB-C connection. A Soundcore branded charging cable is included, along with different size silicone eartips (bowl-shaped).

The Life P2 Mini earbuds may not have the same premium feel as the standard Life P2 but the Mini version is more budget friendly. Compared to the standard Life P2, the Life P2 Mini can be seen as a downgrade because of the lack of aptX support and fast charge and lower IPX rating too. That said, the Life P2 Mini punches above its weight when it comes to sound. In fact, the sound quality is superior to the standard Life P2 and that is despite the size difference. The Life P2 Mini has larger 10mm drivers that really hone in the sound! You can buy the Life P2 Mini from amazon. Check out the review of the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, Liberty Air 2 Pro.

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