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An ovearheating phone is not uncommon; in fact, it is perfectly normal when it's under heavy stress with too many apps running in the background or while gaming. While overheating is normal, it is kryptonite to any electronic device. Continous overheating can literary take months off a phone's lifespan. If you're a heavy mobile gamer, getting a device like the Black Shark magnetic cooler is basically essential!

The Black Shark magnetic cooler is no gimmick and does what it says on the tin. It's easy to use and has no buttons. Simply plug it and it works!The backside of the Black Shark magnetic cooler has been coated with an anodic oxide finish so, will not corrode, chip or peel, which is a good thing because during the thermoelectric cooling process, the the surface of the cold plate experiences moisture condensation, which you can wipe off with a cloth.

The Black Shark magnetic cooler backside integrates the cold plate (small circle in the centre), which is surrounded by a ring array of Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. These magents allows the Black Shark magnetic cooler to attach to a metal surface. There is no mention on the specs which type of Neodymium magnets have been used. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets commercially available but there are different magnetic strengths such as N55 (very high) and N35 (very low).

Beneath the cold plate, there is the peltier module, which consits of semiconductor refrigeration chip mounsted on top of the aluminium heatsink. The fan blade is mounted below the heatsink and spins automatically at 7200 RPM, making almost no noise. The Black Shark magnetic cooler is, essentially, a peltier device that creates thermoelectric cooling via the semiconductor refrigeration chip and the fan blade. As if by magic, the cold plate literary becomes cold to the touch, providing instant cooling effect. The hotter the surface is, the quicker the Black Shark magnetic cooler cools it down. During the cooling down process, the backside of the Black Shark magnetic cooler becomes wet.

The Black Shark magnetic cooler doesn't have a rechargeable battery built-in, which means it needs external power to run. The user guide sways to use 10W (5V/2V) or higher, although the Black Shark magnetic cooler works okay at low power (2.5W) when connected to a USB 2.0 port of a computer. The Black Shark magnetic cooler works also via a powerbank, which means you don't have to be tethered to a power source.

As far as safety, the Black Shark magnetic cooler works on relativley low voltage so, there is no issue there. The Black Shark magnetic cooler also has a protective guard with narrow vents, although you defintely want to keep it away from small children because their small fingers could get caught. There is always the chance of a foreign object falling through the guard vents, getting caught and jamming the fan, although dust and water ingress are the more likely dangers. Dust will naturally buildup on the fan blade over time and water can be accidentally spilled over the Black Shark magnetic coolerso, you have be mindful of placement.

The Black Shark magnetic cooler weighs 78 grams, has a 6cm base diameter and a 5cm top diameter. The included metal plate with adhesive backside weighs 8 grams and it's very thin, measuring 5.5cm long, 4.7cm wide and 0.2cm thick. This metal plate is designed to be stuck to the backside of a phone. If the phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus) has a metal back or wireless charging induction coil, you may not need to use the included metal plate, although the magnetic attraction isn't as strong as with the metal plate. Also, once the metal plate is attached to a Qi wireless enabled phone, it interferes with the wireless charging induction process, making the wireless charging work intermittently.

Before sticking the metal plate oton a phone, you have to clean the area with isopropyl alcohol and then apply the included clear plastic film before sticking the metal metal on top so, you can easily remove it later on. Once removed, it loses stickiness, which is a bit of a downside because it prevents you from resusing it with another device.

For some reason, the user guide does not include any instructions on how to apply the metal plate. It's basically a similar process to applying a screen protector. There is no isopropyl alcohol wipe included but you can use electronics cleaner, nail polish remover (acetone) or a similar sustance that doesn't leave residue behind after it evaporates (this is very important; otherwise the clear film won't stick properly). Also, if the phone has NFC built-in, you will need to make sure you stick the metal plate below the NFC area or it won't work.

The user guide says compatible with all four models of the iPhone 12, which include iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max. That said, the Black Shark magnetic cooler can be stuck to any phone (android or iOS) and tablets too and pretty much to any device that has a flat smooth surface. The only advantage of the iPhone 12 is that the Black Shark magnetic cooler can be stuck to it without using the included metal plate. Other accessories include an unbranded male to male 1.6 meters long power cable (USB-C to USB-C). The Black Shark magnetic cooler comes packaged inside a hard cardboard box with a thick foam insert. You can buy the Black Shark magnetic cooler (model BR30-AP) from amazon. Check out the review of Black Shark's Mako M1 gaming mouse.

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