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When doing water sports, mountain biking or trail running you need a handy pouch that is compact and, above all, weatherproof so, you can safely carry your essentials. Submerge can be the solution you need. It is designed to carry personal essentials (minus a smartphone) such as credit cards, some cash and a car key.

Submerge consists of a card holder and a weaterproof wallet that comes with a detachable armband. The card holder can store a maximum of 10 credit-card size cards, as well as money notes, a couple of loose keys and coins. Submerge card holder is made of a thick piece of elastic band that is wrapped around with suede-like material. The card holder measures 8.5cm long and 5.5cm wide and, when fully loaded, will expand up to 2cm outward.

The Submerge armband is made of seven individual strips of thin soft elastic fabric material that are sewn together side-by-side using very compact ladder stitch weaving, which gives the armband more rigidity than regular elastic band while still being as flexible and comfortable to wear. The armband is very stretchy so, you can wear it around a big bicep arm, forearm or even around the leg too.

The Submerge armband feels secure to wear without slipping down. The spacing in-between the individual strips of fabric allows the armband to be more breathable, less sweaty and dry quicker than a solid piece of elastic band. The armband measures 18 inches long, 2 inches wide and can comfortably stretch up to 24 inches.

There are a total of eight hook and loop patches sewn to the Submerge armband: three hook patches and five loop patches with a softer side. The rough prickly side of the patch connects to the softer side, forming a tight bond with a very strong holding power, which is not affected by water and temperature. Hook and loop fasteners are a bit like reusable adhesive so, they do eventually wear off. Everytime you open and close hook and loop fasteners the holding power decreases a bit. Hook and loop fasteners are made of various materials, including nylon, polyester, polypropylen and TPU, which Submerge uses.

Nylon hook and loop fasteners have a lifespan of over 9,000 uses. polyester hook and loop fasteners have a lifespan of 4000 uses, while TPU ones have a longer lifespan (13,000 uses) and, they have better weatherproof performance too, with a stonger holding power than nylon and polyester hook and loop fasteners.

The Submerge waterproof wallet has an IPX8 rating so, it's 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged underwater up to 3 metres.There is no dust resistance rating mentioned on the description but since it has a watertight zipper it should defintely prevent dust/ sand ingress.The Submerge waterproof wallet uses a YKK AquaGuard zipper and has a cloth exterior with a TPU membrane bonded to the interior and seamed together using high frequency welding to make the wallet waterproof.

The YKK zip slider has a metal body with a 6cm long detachable fabric cord pulltab reinforced with a hexagonal finger loop made of hard rubber. The coil teeth are hidden under a thick polyurethane (rubber) coating, which keeps the zip watertight. 


Because of the airtight rubber coating design, the zipper doesn't glide like a regular zipper so, you cannot open or close the zipper while the wallet is worn on the arm. To open or close the zipper, you have to pinch the wallet with one hand and pull the zip slider with some force with the other hand.

The YKK zipper measures 11cm long and 1.5cm wide, while the wallet internal dimensions are 12.5cm long and 7.5cm wide. Despite the narrow opening of the zipper (8cm long), you can fit the Submerge card holder, alhough it's a tight squeeze and has to be inserted at an angle. There are two passthrough slit openings for looping the armband through the back of the waterproof wallet. The armband comes pre-detachaed and attaching the armband isn't very intutive. 

There is no user guide included so, you have to guess. It would be probably a good idea if the armband came pre-attached to the waterproof wallet so, the buyer doesn't have to fiddle around figuring out how to attach it. It's useful that the armband is detachable as it makes the Submerge waterproof wallet more versatile. 

You can use it standalone without the armband by attaching it to a carabiner (not included) or, you can simply carry the wallet inside a trouser pocket or inside a backpack. The Submerge card holder weighs 18 grams. The waterproof wallet weighs 20 grams and the armband weighs 27 grams. An extra fabric pull tab for the slider is included also.

Submerge was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and Indigogo and currently ships inside non-retail packaging. You can buy the Submerge waterproof wallet and/or card holder together or individuall from Submerge Wallets website.

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