Oneodio Studio Pro C Wireless Y80B Review Headphones With Multipoint Connection


Gaming, audio mixing, editing, music listening...the Oneodio Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones do it all, including bluetooth and wired connectivity!

The Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones are equipped with a 1500mAh battery, which takes 3.5 hours to fully charge and has a battery life of 3 days at 65% volume. The battery can hold charge for up to 2 months in standby. When the battery runs out, you cannot use the Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones while charging but, you can use them in wired mode while charging. During charging the battery led shows red and turns blue when fully charged . There is a power saving mode too, which turns off the heaphones automatically when the headphones aren't connected.

The Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones have a 4cm wide plastic headband frame that integrates a plastic ratchet-style slider reinforced with a metal band. The headband yokes have a dual metal hinge mechanism for folding the earcups and swiveling (90 degrees one-way only) the earcups around. The Studio C earcups can also tilt almost 360 degrees so, you can flip one earcup over (like a DJ) to monitor mixing level. While the earcups can be swiveled, you can't properly lay the headphones flat because of the folding/swivel hinge mechanism, which creates an akward angle, preventing the earcups from resting completely flat against a surface. 

The Studio Wireless C Y80B headband has padding on both sides, which is covered with soft PU leather and sewn together with red stitching. The underside of the headband has a thick piece of foam padding. There is branding too on top of the headband with OneOdio engraving on the fabric.

The Studio Wireless C Y80B earcups have a proper round shape with circular markings on the front side reminiscent of the grooves on an LP vinyl record. The earpads are also rounded like a donut and feature memory foam with soft PU leather. The earpads heat up the ears a bit but they also provide good passive noise isolation.

There is no active noise cancellation (anc). If you need anc, check out the OneOdio A30 headphones. The Studio Wireless C Y80B earpads are detachable so, you can replace them too. The inner hole measures 4.5cm in diameter and the outer measures 9.5cm in diameter. Unless you have very small ears, the earpads aren't likely to fit over-ear so, they will press against the ears.

The earcup depth to the drivers is 1cm. The 50mm drivers are covered with a thin layer of fabric with R and L markings printed on the fabric. The sound quality of the 50mm drivers is very good with 32 ohm impedance and very high sensitivity (110dB). They deliver adequate immersion with low bass, clear instrumentals and vocal separation. The headphones work well for gaming too, alhough there is no 7.1 surround sound support and no mute microphone button.

There are three physical plastic buttons on-board the right earcup. The buttons are responsive and make a really loud clicky sound when pressed. The middle button is slightly recessed, making it easier to differentiate the buttons. The buttons control volume, power, track skipping, play/pause and calls (answer/end/reject) in bluetooth mode. 

Next to these three buttons, there is a deeply recessed 3.5mm audio port (right earcup), which is square-shaped and has a groove marking inside it that creates a strong snug connection. You won't be able to use a regular barrel-shaped 3.5mm audio cable unless it has a really thin plug. There is only one audio port; hence the Studio Wireless C Y80B are single-sided headphones.

The included audio cable measures 1.2 meters long and weighs 19 grams. It is rubberized and integrates a single button controller with a front-facing microphone inline the cable. The microphone is located 17cm down the cable so, it dangles at chest level. There is another microphone on-board the right earcup for bluetooth mode. The microphone inline the cable is omnidirectional and picks up the voice clearly, although background noise also gets picked up. The microphone on-board the earcup does have noise cancellation so, background noises get supressed a bit more. In terms of quality, the inline mic has a better quality and, because it is inline the cable you can physically bring the microphone closer to the mouth for a better voice call.

The bluetooth 5.0 chip supports absolute bluetooth volume, AAC codec and multipoint connection so, you can connect the Studio Wireless C Y80B headphones to two devices at the same time. In bluetooth mode, the status led blinks red when listening to audio but it won't annoy anyone because the status led is very small and it's recessed inside the pinhole. When maxing out volume, you will hear an audible beep notification.

The included audio cable is unbranded but feels good quality. It's made of soft rubber with rubberized straight plug connectors. The micro USB charging cable measures 60cm long (12 grams weight) and, it is also unbranded. The drawstring pouch has OneOdio branding on it and, it's made of thick PU leather material. If you plan to connect the Studio Wireless C Y80B to an amp (e.g. guitar amp), you will need a 3.5mm to 6.35mm audio cable, which is not included like with the OneOdio Studio Hifi version, which you can use for DJ work. You can buy the Oneodio Studio Wireless C Y80B from amazon. Check out the review of the SuperEQ S2 headphones, Monitor 80 and the new Monitor 60 headphones.

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