Smart finished 4G LTE network upgrades in Bulacan

PLDT and Smart Communications Inc. announced that they just finished the 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A network upgrades in Bulacan.
Smart finished 4G LTE network upgrades in Bulacan
Have you felt the upgrade in Bulacan?

Better Smart 4G in Bulacan

The upgrade should be felt by their student, employees, families, local government, and industries in the area.

The improved networks for Smart, TNT, and SUN subscribers are located at ulacan capital of Malolos, City of San Jose Del Monte, Obando, Balagtas, San Ildefonso, San Miguel, San Rafael, and Pulilan.

Dona Remedios Trinidad now has LTE for the first time as well.

Smart claimed that their 4G LTE service is now available in more areas across Bulacan including indoor locations.

According to Smart, some of the residents in the area already felt the recent boost of Smart's network in Bulacan.

Smart said that initial tests showed 40Mbps to 70Mbps download speeds on 4G LTE-A ready smartphones in Bulacan State University in Malolos, San Rafael, and Santa Maria, for example.

Aside from Bulcan, Smart is also ramping up its carrier aggregation roll-out allover the Philippines. To those who missed it, CA, combines two or more separate bands to provide faster data speeds and better overall experience for streaming videos, sending files, and more.

It is a part of the company's effort to improve the overall quality of their service nationwide.

This year alone, Smart installed more than 5,600 4G LTE towers in the country.

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