RHA MA750 Wireless Neckband Earhook NFC Bluetooth 4.1 aptX

aptX bluetooth has finally achieved the promise of high-resolution streaming audio for the mass of the people who want wireless devices to sound better than ever!
The RHA MA750 Wireless uses the same machined aluminum body design as the MA390 and MA650 wired earphones and magnetic backing you get with the MA650 wireless earphones.
 The customized 560.1 dynamic driver unit in the RHA MA750 Wireless delivers the same boomy bass response down to 16,000Hz and clear treble response up to 22,000Hz (same as the MA650 wireless earphones).
You basically get the same features including NFC, battery life, aptX in these two models other than the weight. The MA650 wireless are lighter (33 grams) than the RHA MA750 Wireless (41 grams).
Provided that your smartphone supports the aptX audio codec, you can enjoy your favorite tunes over wireless with the RHA MA750 Wireless, which are a snazzy looking neckband style in-ear headphones.
The in-line remote control has three tactile, rubberized buttons that let you operate the volume, changing of tracks, take incoming calls and activate your voice assistant (i.e. Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc).
The remote control is universal and cross platform so it works with both Android and iOS devices. There is also a built-in microphone on the back of the remote control with good amplification and clear pickup pattern so your voice gets picked up clearly without having to bring the remote mic closer to your mouth.
NFC (near field communication) is integrated in the RHA MA750 Wireless and while you can technically stream music via NFC connection you wouldn't want to do that since NFC only has a maximum data transfer speed of 400 Kbps and a range of only 10cm. Compared to bluetooth which delivers over 1 Mbps speed transfer at a range of 10 meters you can see why.
The NFC feature on headphones is not actually intended for audio streaming but intended as an activation field for fast pairing between headphones and NFC-enabled devices that will then use Bluetooth to stream audio.
Long lasting battery life is another sought-after feature on bluetooth headphones and the RHA MA750 Wireless earphones delivers in that department too. The built-in battery can power the RHA MA750 Wireless earphones for over 11 hours on 75% volume.
Recharging is done via USB-C charging which offers the main benefit over micro USB charging of not having to plug-in the connector the right way. USB-C cables can also carry more power and deliver faster data transfer speeds.
It only takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100% thanks to quick charge integration. The built-in battery led indicator lets you know when full charge is complete and how much battery power is left. To check battery level, you hold down the power button for 2 seconds (red led means battery level is less then 20%.).
There is also an automatic power off feature that turns off the RHA MA750 Wireless earphones after 5 minutes of idleness.
The RHA MA750 Wireless earphones support SBC and aptX audio codecs so you can enjoy high quality audio on Android devices. The RHA MA750 Wireless don't support AAC for Apple devices which is the equivalent of aptX for high-resolution audio since Apple devices don't support aptX.
The RHA MA750 Wireless also supports multipoint pairing which lets you connect to more than one device. In the case of the MA750 Wireless, it supports two simultaneous pairings so you can be connected to two devices at the same time. 
When you receive phone calls, you won't have to worry either because the MA750 Wireless automatically can tell which device is ringing so it will connect to the right one.
The fit inside the ear and around the neck is comfortable and secure thanks to the RHA MA750 Wireless lightweight (41 grams) and earhook design that lets you wrap the cable around your ears. 
The neckband is made of silicone rubber that is soft to the touch and flexible. There is sweat proof protection with an IPX4 rating.
Accessories included are eight pairs of quality ear tips, drawstring mesh pouch, cable clip and USB-C charging cable.

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