Report: 4G LTE is faster than WiFi in the Philippines

The country’s long term evolution (LTE) network for smartphones is now faster than WiFi connections, London-based mobile analytics firm OpenSignal said.
Report: 4G LTE is faster than WiFi in the Philippines
4G vs WiFi

4G LTE is faster than WiFi in the Philippines

According to its report released today entitled "The State of WiFi vs Mobile Network Experience as 5G Arrives" which was released today, LTE download speeds reached 9.6 megabits per second (Mbps) in August to November, 2 points higher than WiFi’s 7.6 Mbps here in the Philippines. 
Smart and Globe
Smart and Globe

Meanwhile, overall mobile speed, including 3G and 2G connections, was at 6.3 mbps in the period.

Although overall mobile speed was lower than WiFi, OpenSignal stressed LTE connection would soon overtake WiFi.

Today, there are still many countries where WiFi continues to offer a faster download experience for smartphone users, although this is likely to change as newer mobile network generations launch imminently.

Despite this, OpenSignal noted WiFi will still exist amid the fact that it offers lower cost, supports more devices, and with less limits on capacity.

Both Globe and Smart have been aggressively deploying LTE sites across the country as to provide better internet connectivity.

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