Ragnarok Online 2 launched in PH!

After the reveal of Ragnarok M a month ago, Gravity and Extreme Elite partnered to launched the Ragnarok Online 2 in the Philippines!
Ragnarok Online 2 launched in PH!
Now in 3D!

Now in 3D!

The Ragnarok Online 2 is the much anticipated sequel of the original Ragnarok Online. It is still a free-to-play MMORPG game which has the elements, monsters, and landmarks from the original Ragnarok. 

But it now has 3D graphics, new professions, DNA fragments for pets, and more gameplay upgrades.

You can be an Alchemist, Artisan, Blacksmith, or even a Chef! You can even enjoy  the social experiences of character customization, guild creation, and PVP. On the gameplay, the Ragnarok Online 2 also has many of the famous monsters and landmarks from the original Ragnarok.

To try and download Ragnarok Online 2, visit this link.

To stay tuned for more updates, check their Facebook page as well.

Are you excited to level-up?

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