Lomo 30 Litre Waterproof Roll Top Daysack

Waterproofing is always a bonus especially somewhere like the UK where you can get caught in rain at any moment!
Whether you cycle commute, motorcycle commute or kayak commute to work, you need something to carry your stuff that is reliable to keep your gear dry. The Lomo 30 litre drybag daysack is up to the job so it definitely fits the bill!
The Lomo 30 litre drybag daysack can hold gloves, a helmet, a jacket, gym gear and other bits and bobs thanks to its fairly large mouth opening.
The mouth of the bag is approximately 30cm in diameter and has a roll top design so you can roll down the top of the bag to size.
The Lomo 30 litre drybag daysack has shoulder straps like a backpack but it doesn't have the construction of backpack; hence the Lomo drybag doesn't hold shape when it's a bit empty.
As mentioned earlier though, you have the roll top feature that allows you to roll the top and clip it in place via two adjustable side buckle clips.
When fully opened, the Lomo daysack dimensions are 71cm high and 56cm high when closed. The width is 29cm with a 27cm depth. Total weight is 900 grams.
Speaking of the shoulder straps, they have thick padding with breathable mesh, as well as other neat features that you would find in a hiking pack.
Hiking pack features include passthrough loops and the useful sternum (chest) strap to prevent the shoulder straps from separating.
the chest strap can be adjusted up and down for comfortable positioning
The Lomo 30 litre drybag also has an adjustable waist strap and two separate sections of padding on the back, top and bottom.
1-inch thick breathable back padding
there is a rubberized carry handle on top of the Lomo 30 litre drybag
Inside the Lomo 30L Drybag Daysack is just a plain compartment without any padding. There isn't any pockets, laptop compartment or any hooks like you would find in a typical backpack but then again, the Lomo 30 liter rucksack is just a drybag.
There is a front-facing semi-dry zipper compartment with splash proof zipper that is handy for keeping items that you need access to frequently.
Radio frequency welding (dialetric welding/ high frequency) is used in the making of the Lomo 30 litre drybag so there is no stitching.
High frequency welding is an interesting sewing technique that is actually used for many things we use like umbrellas, inflatable toys, stickers and raincoats.
A high frequency welder machine basically welds the seams together without stitching; hence it's the perfect sewing technique for a PVC waterproof bag like the Lomo 30 Litre waterproof roll top daysack.

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