Edifier MP200 Speaker Cube with Big Bass

For a speaker this tiny and relatively inexpensive, the Edifier MP200 speaker cube pushes out a lot of quality sound with a lot of bass too!
Even though the Edifier MP200 speaker cube houses a single 48mm speaker driver that only outputs 5.5-watt power, it is a directional speaker that amplifies and focuses the sound just like a HyperSonic Sound (HSS) speaker does.
The result is a speaker powerhouse with big bass concealed inside a 2 inch by 2 inch cubic form "sleeper" factor.
The Edifier MP200 has a really wide low end frequency response from 150Hz to 14kHz so it's a bass heavy speaker.
The Edifier MP200 speaker cube connects via Bluetooth 4.1 to any bluetooth device and you can pair it to up to two devices at the same time. There is no AUX-In port on this speaker like you get with the MP280 version but you get two additional ways to playback audio via micro USB input and microSD card.
The microSD card playback option is pretty neat because it makes the Edifier MP200 speaker cube a standalone music device. Bear in mind though that there is only support for up to 32GB microSD cards and audio formats must be MP3, WMA, WAV and M4A.
At 50% volume, you can get 12 hours of play time on a full charge which is pretty long lasting for such small device. 50% volume is normally not very loud with a standard speaker but with the directional speaker integrated in the Edifier MP200, 50% volume feels like 70% volume.
Additional features on the Edifier MP200 Speaker include a carrying strap that lets you tie the speaker to your wrist, backpack or handle of a bike.
The speakerphone feature lets you take calls with the Edifier MP200 Speaker via the integrated microphone which has a self-noise level rating of 30dB. Because of the fair amount of noise level, the microphone isn't particularly sensitivity; hence you need to keep the speaker at a 30cm distance for your voice to be picked up clearly.
You get automatic shut off which powers down the Edifier MP200 Speaker after 3 minutes of inactivity.
There is also an IP54 rating which means the Edifier MP200 speaker has two ratings, one for water resistance and one for dust which is unusual because most speakers usually display a water resistance rating displayed as IPX3, IPX5, etc.
In the case of the Edifier MP200 speaker, it as a dust rating of 5 (dustproof) and a water rating of 4 (splash proof); hence IP54. This means that the Edifier MP200 speaker can prevent some dust from entering so it's not dust tight which carries a dustproof rating of 6 and provides complete protection against dust.
The waterproof rating of 4 means, the Edifier MP200 speaker isn't submersible but it can tolerate splashes of water without soaking.
On top of the Edifier MP200 speaker, you find the answer/reject call button, power button and play/pause button. The power button also doubles as the mode button to toggle between micro SD card playback, bluetooth playback and USB playback. The answer/reject call button is also able to turn off the bluetooth connection manually and switch the speakerphone conversation to mobile phone.
On the left side, you have the volume up and volume down buttons which also double as skip track buttons that are activated via long presses.
On the right side, you have a pop-up flap covering the microSD card slot and the micro USB DC IN charging port.
There is also a small status led indicator which is always super useful to have to let you know when battery is fully charged (led turns off).
The led also displays the audio mode status so when playing audio via bluetooth, the led shows blue. When playing audio via microSD card the led shows red. The led also lights up green when streaming via the USB input which lets you connect the Edifier MP200 Speaker Cube to a computer via the same port your charge it.
The Edifier MP200 Speaker Cube has a nice quality construction with soft and grip-able silicone material covering all sides of the speaker. The front and back speaker grill hole pattern is made of hard plastic.
2 Years Warranty

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