Flydigi Wasp X iPhone Capacitive Sensing Gamepad

A lot of technology nowadays is just reinventing the wheel which is why one has to take their hat off to those pushing the envelope, coming up with new techniques and methods to produce groundbreaking gadgets such as the Flydigi Wasp one handed gamepad!
Flydigi Wasp X version for iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max
The Flydigi Wasp gamepad embodies the science of craft by creating a new type of mobile phone gamepad for iPhones that doesn't use a wired connection nor uses bluetooth to connect nor an additional app to work.
shooting and trigger bumper buttons
Like sorcery of sorts, the 100-gram Flydigi Wasp X half-gamepad uses capacitive sensing to map and transmit commands from the iphone's onscreen buttons to the physical buttons of the Flydigi Wasp X. 
Flydigi Wasp measures 11cm long, 8cm wide and 2cm thick
The Flydigi Wasp X gamepad works remarkably well and without any lag which makes it one of the most compelling mobile gamepads of 2018.
On the Flydigi Wasp gamepad you find two tactile and customizable face buttons, an analog stick, two bumper buttons, a micro USB port and a power on/off switch.
On the back you find a switch that triggers the locking mechanism to lock the iPhone into place after sliding the phone onto the Flydigi Wasp cushioned surface.
The Flydigi Wasp X gamepad essentially takes control of the left hand side of your iphone so you control, crouching, jumping, aiming and shooting with your thumb and index fingers; while the right hand side of the iphone remains touch screen for aiming/snipping accuracy.
The Flydigi Wasp X gamepad doesn't use much battery power; in fact, you can game for almost an entire day thanks to the long lasting 300mAh battery (20 hours+). Of course, you will need your iPhone hooked up to a powerbank charger when gaming for so many hours although the charging port of the iphone faces inwards which means you can't charge your iPhone while gaming using a regular lighting charging cable.
Luckily, the Flydigi Wasp X gamepad comes with a flat cable adapter extension with lightning to USB-C female connection that runs underneath the iphone while the iphone is slotted in.
wasp lightning extension
4-inch long lightning to USB-C female cable
For sure, there are many mobile gamepads for iphone to choose from but you can only use an Apple MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad) gamepad with games that have implemented MFi gamepad support; hence all games on the App Store aren't supported.
flat micro USB charging cable
Even popular games like Fortnite don't work with all iPhone models so if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S Fortnite is unsupported.
That's the neat thing about the Flydigi Wasp X gamepad and that is you don't have to deal with the hassle of jailbreaking your iPhone only to find out the "jailbreak detection" built-in cheat detection that prevents you from playing games like Fortnite on unsupported devices.
With the Flydigi Wasp X, you can play any game downloaded from the App Store such as Fortnite or PUBG and easily configure the in-game buttons.
mapping card to help you line up the buttons
The packaging of this box and contents is for the Chinese market but you can get the english version of Flydigi Wasp X via Flydigi's kickstarter.

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