Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Soundbar 40W

A neat way to upgrade the built-in speakers of a TV is by using a external speaker set like or soundbar the Flare Plus and Soundcore Infini Mini.
Both the Flare Plus and Infini Mini are great alternatives to home theater speakers because of their small footprint, high output power, portability and bluetooth connectivity. You can sync two Flare Plus speakers together to give your TV a massive 50W volume output.
If you prefer a compact and slender design for your TV speaker setup, the Soundcore Infini Mini is right up your alley because of its 40W output and 21-inch length, 2.5-inch height and 3.7 inch width, making the Infini Mini perfect for small places.
The Soundcore Infini Mini also has wall mount holes on the back so it can be fixed high up on a wall above a wall-mounted TV. Plus, the Infini Mini isn't too heavy, it weighs just 1190 grams.
The Soundcore Infini Mini is powered by two 20W full-range speaker drivers and features a bass port on the side end of the soundbar which boosts the overall sound level particularly the low frequencies.
bass port
As a bluetooth speaker, the Soundcore Infini Mini works great for streaming music and even though the bluetooth chip is only version 2.1 it integrates EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which makes data transmission faster than with a regular bluetooth 2.1 chip.
The bluetooth signal is also very strong with 4.0 dBm of output power which gives you a solid 10 meter range to stream wirelessly from the Infini Mini soundbar.
While the Soundcore Infini Mini can be used as a bluetooth speaker, it is not a portable speaker; hence it hasn't got a rechargeable battery.
The soundbar must be plugged in at all times using the included 18V 2.2A wall power adapter. The soundbar goes into sleep mode automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.
The Soundcore Infini Mini integrates equalization so you can adjust the sound frequency manually from the remote control via the Movie button and the Music button. Movie mode increases the bass and treble response, while Music mode makes the sound more natural sounding and balanced between the highs, lows, and mids.
On the back of the Soundcore Infini Mini, you find the connection ports which include an aux-in jack, optical port, DC power socket and a USB service port for updating software.
You cannot use the USB port to plug in a flash USB pen drive to stream content directly from the soundbar.
Both an optical cable and RCA to 3.5 mm stereo audio cable are included which give you two wired options to connect the Infini Mini to a TV.
You get a total of 16 user control buttons, four of which (power button, volume controls and source input) are built-in to the side of the Infini Mini soundbar itself.
The other 12 buttons are incorporated in an IR remote control which features an additional power button and a bluetooth button to activate bluetooth mode.
The Infini Mini soundbar also features a very useful led activity indicator to let you know the status of the soundbar.
For instance, when the soundbar is muted, the led turns solid yellow. When the soundbar is stand-by the led turns solid red.
2 × AAA Batteries
wall mount screw plugs and screws

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