SoundPEATS Q30 Plus APTX IPX6 Bluetooth Gym Earphones

It's the small details in headphones that let you know they aren't just another pair of headphones! The SoundPEATS Q30 Plus are a speak set of bluetooth sport headphones with IPX6 sweatproof rating that makes them perfect for gym-based workouts and outdoor activities like running or cycling.
For the money, the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus has premium-like features including metal construction and a magnetic design that allows you to hang them around your neck without worrying about losing them.
The inline remote is very lightweight, low profile and integrates an led activity indicator and a microphone for hands-free calling.
The inline 3-button remote has raised symbols that make each button easy to distinguish from one another.
The buttons themselves have a solid throw and tactile click to them so you know when you've clicked them. You have full audio playback control from the inline remote, including the skipping of tracks.
As with any headphones, if the sound isn't that great it defies the purpose of headphones. The SoundPEATS Q30 Plus though, have surprisingly good sound for a pair of budget in-ear sport headphones.
Then again, the Q30 Plus supports aptX audio codec (as well as A2DP) to deliver sound so you get a higher resolution audio than with A2DP which is the factory audio codec you get in most low-end headphones. The Q30 Plus sound clarity is quite good in the highs and the mids without too much bass so the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus aren't bass heavy. 
The Q30 Plus are wireless in-ear headphones so they connect to a smart device via bluetooth 4.1, giving you 10 to 11 meters of range from your phone before you start losing bluetooth connection.
In regards to fit and security, the ear tips and ear wings that come with the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus are soft, comfortable and secure even while running or lifting weights in the gym.
There is a lip and a small notch on the earbuds that provides security for the eartip and earwing so the earwing doesn't rotate. While the lip and notch may not seem like a bid deal, many in-ear headphones don't feature this useful addition which totally improves the user experience.
thick strain reliefs
The compromise though with the Q30 Plus is the larger body so the earphones are longer in length (2.5cm) than standard in-ear headphones, meaning they protrude out of the ears just a little bit. With that said, the Q30 only weigh 15 grams considering that the rechargeable batteries (two 55mAh batteries) are built inside the earphones.
The total length from earphone to earphone is 63cm, which is a little over 2ft long. The dimensions of the earphones (including the earwing) is 2.5cm wide and 3cm high.
You can get about 7 hours of battery life out of the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus from a mid to high volume level. Charging the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus from empty takes 1.5 hours via a maximum of 5V 1A input charge.
Using a higher rated charger like a 2A power adapter does not speed up the charging process. In fact, you never want to use more than the recommended maximum input charge or risk burning through the headphones!
The included accessories with the Q30 Plus are also a nice touch. You get a myriad of ear tips sizes, cable management clips, shirt clip and a carabiner.
There is also a hard shell zipper pouch included so you can easily toss the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus sports headphones inside a gym bag.

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