Ordo Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush 25,000 Brush Stroke Per Minute!

Anything that keeps the dentist away, it's fine with me! Eating an apple a day or using an electric toothbrush are two things you can do to keep the dentist at bay and your bank account in the black!
With electric toothbrushes, you can get rotating-oscillating electric toothbrushes and sonic pulse toothbrushes like the Ordo toothbrush.
No matter what technology they use, the main point of an electric toothbrush is to make brushing your teeth more effective.
The Ordo sonic pulse electric toothbrush produces 25,000 brush strokes per minute with pulses every 30 seconds. When compared to the average manual brush stroke (350 brush strokes per minute) with a regular toothbrush,choosing the Ordo toothbrush is a no brainer.
Some sonic toothbrushes (ultrasonic) can produce even higher brush strokes but 25,000 brush strokes seems a nice sweet spot for removing plaque without damaging your gums.
Ultrasonic toothbrushes require near perfect brushing technique so they are not as forgiving as oscillating/rotating/pulsating toothbrushes.
It's nice that the Ordo use user-replaceable batteries as opposed to rechargeable batteries which are great in most gadgets.
In an electric toothbrush though, rechargeable batteries are a weak point because they cannot be replaced by the user. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes also aren't able to hold a full charge after a while, forcing you to bin the entire unit and buy a new one.
For electric toothbrushes to do their job, they require peak power so with the Ordo toothbrush you are able to use a new battery so you can really feel you are cleaning your teeth through. The built-in two-minute timer feature helps you keep you on track.
As far as noise, the Ordo Sonic toothbrush makes a subtle buzzing, vibrating noise like the sound of a bumble bee near your ear.
The Ordo Sonic toothbrush has an understated look with a simple, minimalist aluminum design that makes the toothbrush easy to use and comfortable to hold in the hand.
There are some electric toothbrushes touted as "smart" which can be connected to your phone via a mobile app.
While bells-and-whistles are nice, the app-connected feature somewhat over-engineers the simple purpose of the electric toothbrush so it's nice that the Ordo toothbrush sticks to its simple job without having unnecessary additional features.
On the front of the Ordo toothbrush, you find a tactile on/off button with a small led light below the button.
On the bottom of the Ordo toothbrush, you find the battery compartment which is accessed by pulling off the bottom cap, which doubles as the master on/off power switch.
The bottom cap of the Ordo toothbrush features a gasket seal so moisture does not penetrate inside the battery compartment.
The bottom cap also features a small icon which is designed to be aligned with the two small icons you see on the back of the Ordo toothbrush. Twist left or right to align the icons to power on or power off the Ordo sonic brush.
Having the power on/off twist feature as opposed to a pressable button is actually very useful because there is no way you can accidentally turn on the toothbrush and run flat the battery, so it is a useful feature to have particularly when traveling.
The shaft/neck of the Ordo sonic pulse toothbrush, which holds the brush head, is made of plastic as opposed to metal. The neck of the Ordo toothbrush body is also very long, about three quarters the size of the brush head.
Bundled with the Ordo pack is also a travel cap, an 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste (two-month supply), a 25ml travel toothpaste (two-week supply), a portable silicone stand and a single AAA battery.

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