Funxim X8 Qi Fast Wireless Charger Pad

A much cheaper alternative to Apple's AirPower is the Funxim X8 wireless charger pad which uses an existing Apple charging puck to charge one iPhone and one Apple Watch at the same time with an 80 percent charging conversion rate.
The X8 wireless charger mat is capable of putting out 10W of power which is enough power to fast charge any Apple Watch Series as well as a Qi wireless charging enabled smartphone such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+.
The Funxim X8 is made of plastic and comes in a matt white finish with metal accent that compliments Apple's all white color scheme. The edges of the X8 wireless charger pad are rounded off in a cylindrical shape, giving the Funxim X8 charger pad a nice seamless design to it.
Underneath the Funxim X8 charger pad, you find the compartment for winding up the Apple Watch charging puck cable.
The bottom compartment pries open revealing a USB port and loop section for winding the Apple Watch charging puck cable which has to be a 1-meter long or 0.3-meter long Apple Watch charger cable. The 2-meter long Apple Watch charger cable is too long so it will not fit.
When charging the devices, you can place the iPhone anywhere on the pad but the Apple Watch
has to be placed on the metal ring where the Apple charging puck is inserted.
The Funxim X8 has two charging modes which include the standard charging (5V 2A) when using a 5V/1.5A wall adapter and fast charging (9V 1.67A) when using a 9V/1.1A wall adapter.
Once the iPhone and/ or Apple Watch are fully charged, the X8 wireless charger automatically shuts off. The Funxim X8 charger will also turn itself off if it registers higher than usual temperatures due to overvoltage/ overcurrent to prevent damaging your device.
The Funxim X8 wireless Qi charger mat comes with a micro USB charging cable and an adapter to fit the Apple Watch puck. You will need to have with you a wall charger and Apple Watch puck cable to make the Funxim X8 work.
Funxim X8 measures 174mm long, 88mm wide and 9.5mm thick and weighs 90 grams

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