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Being outdoors all the time is one of my fondest childhood memories and so is making slingshots out of bottle caps, rubber balloons, tree branches and bicycle inner tubes!
Both the Pocket Shot and the Pocket Hammer improve on the concept of the classic slingshot by incorporating durable materials and a cap for storing the ammo.
The cap of the Pocket Shot also doubles as a "key" to unscrew the outer ring of the Pocket Shot to replace the rubber pouch.
The Pocket Shot also comes in a cool Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo, which is Mossy Oak's original camo pattern created by Toxey Haas 30 years ago.
Slingshots come in different variations, all of which serve the same purpose and that is to inflict physical damage. The history of the slingshot goes all the way back to the mid 1800s when it first appeared but the idea of the slingshot has, most likely, been around since ancient times.
The Pocket Shot lets you shoot single and multiple rounds of ammo. For a shotgun type shot, you can insert several pieces of ammo simultaneously as long as you use small bits of ammo. You can use five bits of quarter-inch (1/4) slingshot ammo and a maximum of two bits of 3/8 slingshot ammo. Anymore than this and you risk damaging the outer ring of the Pocket Shot.
Talking about ammo, you don't want to use ammo with rough edges because the rubber pouch will tear ahead of time. Instead, you want to use .25 air rifle pellets, 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch steel balls, paintballs, mini marshmallows or chickpeas.
In a survival situation, you can pretty much use any type of ammo with the Pocket Shot, including pebbles and 177 steel bb pellets but consistent use of jagged-edge ammo decreases the life expectancy of the rubber pouches. It's also worth noting that lightweight ammo like .177 steel bb pellets limit the speed of the trajectory and, in turn, hinders your accuracy.
you can hit a 9 inch by 9 inch target from 30 feet away pretty easily
The weight pull of the standard Pocket Shot black rubber pouch is 23 lbs, while the blue rubber Pro pouch has a weight pull of 27 lbs. The blue PRO pouch is made of thicker rubber so it lasts longer than the black pouch and causes the ammo to go faster when released.
How fast the shot goes really depends on how far you draw the rubber pouch back. The standard (black pouch) is rated at 275 fps (frames per second), while the blue latex (Pro pouch) is rated between 300-350 fps.
In terms of power, the Pocket Shot is very powerful. Probably more powerful than the standard slingshot with regards to range and power. The realistic power the average person can get with the Pocket Shot is about 135 fps.
The black rubber pouch is stiffer than the blue PRO pouch so you can only draw back the rubber pouch 6 inches while the blue PRO rubber pouch can be drawn back between 8 and 10 inches; hence the blue PRO pouch is more stretchy and more powerful.
With that said, the black pouch has a double dipped tip so it's more durable than the blue pouch so you can get more shots off with the black pouch (around 250 shots) before a tear in the pouch occurs.
Talking about the Pocket Shot rubber pouches, they are replaceable pouches and only take about 15 seconds to secure the rubber pouch over the lip of the Pocket Shot slingshot.
What's neat about the Pocket Shot though is that just like bottle cap balloon slingshots, the Pocket Shot is very easy to use compared to the Y style slingshot, which requires a little bit more skill.
As far as shooting with the Pocket Shot, if you plan to shoot for a while it's worth wearing thin gloves to stop your thumb hurting after a while of shooting.
Construction-wise, the Pocket Shot and Pocket Hammer are made of very hard plastic polymer and rubber latex.
The Pocket Hammer is just a handheld gun version of the Pocket Shot which holds the head of the Pocket Hammer down.
The head of the Pocket Hammer is detachable. You do not need to remove the black metal part, instead you just pull the top part of the black metal to the side to pull the head off which fits snugly so it's a tight fit.
You can put other slingshot heads on the Pocket Hammer handheld pocket shot, not just the Pocket Shot but traditional slingshots as well, so you can transform the Pocket Shot into a handheld catapult gun.
Pocket Shot offers a warranty for both the Pocket Shot and Pocket Hammer that includes free replacement for the plastic rings. The rubber pouches are designed to be replaceable so they are not covered under warranty.

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