diskAshur 2 Military Grade Hard Drive with Kill Switch!

Like something out of a spy movie, the diskAshur 2 is a nifty portable hard drive with 256-bit military grade encryption that makes "mission impossible" for anyone trying to break-in even from the keypad!
The keypad unit is usually the weakest link because in most security systems the decoder is in the keypad so a hacker can easily gain access to cables.
Cleverly though, the diskAshur 2 has booby trapped the keypad of the diskAshur 2 hard drive with a coating of wear resistant epoxy, making it impossible for anyone to break into the keypad without destroying everything.
Even for the most determined of persons who want to gain access to the hard drive, diskAshur 2 has several weapons up its sleeve, one of them being a kill-switch feature where you type a code and the diskAshur 2 hard drive self-destructs by formatting and erasing all the data in the drive.
The first time you use the diskAshur 2 hard drive, you put in a basic password to get in as the administrator of the hard drive so you can then set passwords and create authorized users.
The other weapon that comes with the diskAshur 2 hard drive is EDGE which is enhanced dual generating encryption security.
EDGE features a high level of evaluation (EAL4+), meaning the diskAshur 2 hard drive has been methodically designed, tested, and reviewed according to the Common Criteria standard.
There is virtually no chance for anyone to be able to break into the drive, nor hack or crack the diskAshur 2 hard drive without destroying it in the process. Without the PIN, nobody can get into your diskAshur 2 hard drive.
metal clip keeps the USB connector in place
The diskAshur 2 hard drive has a high level of security assurance against any external tampering, including brute force attacks.
If anyone enters a pin on the diskAshur incorrectly over 15 times the diskAshur drive will delete the encryption key and lock itself so the person will not be able to access the data and neither will you as you will have to reset the hard drive to factory default settings.
Another useful feature you get with the diskAshur 2 hard drive is an auto-lock timer that lets you program a time for the drive to automatically lock, which is handy should leave the drive unattended..
diskAshur 2 is GDPR compliant
The diskAshur 2 hard drive works without software and across all operating systems just like its little brother, the datAshur flash drive.
Setup and operation is fast and easy whether you are running Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome, Thin Clients or Zero Clients. Simply pull out the USB 3.1 cable from the side of the diskAshur 2 hard drive and insert it into any USB port and you're good to go.
The diskAshur 2 military grade hard drive is constructed with smooth shock-absorbing fascia that is IP56 water and dust resistant.
The supplied zipper pouch has iStorage branding and it's both stylish and sturdy so it makes for a neat travel case to store the hard drive.
The iStorage hardshell case is made of leather material with a nice zipper and metallic pull tab. There is also a lanyard clip that you can clip and unclip.
military-grade encryption on a hard drive with PIN authentication
included with the drive

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