Sensport X Fast Fuel Charging Gym Wireless Earphones

In the gym you don't want to hear everyone else talking nor the sound of clanking weights! If you, too, just want to listen to your music while working out, you need a pair of headphones that either cover your ears entirely or seal off your ear canal.
Most gym goers either go with wireless in-ear headphones or over-the-ear headphones which are pretty good for blocking sound when working out without wires getting in the way.
water submersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes
A pair of exercise headphones for the gym should be also comfortable and provide a secure fit so at 15 grams the Sensport X by W2comp are pretty lightweight.
good quality microphone with CVC 6.0 noise reduction
The Sensport X gym headphones are also budget-friendly so they won't break the bank and comes with 1 year warranty provided by W2comp.
You can wear the Sensport X in-ears for a comfortable two hours without experiencing ear fatigue nor the earpieces falling out of your ears thanks to angled nozzles and thin rubber hooks that go over the ears.
The cable that joins both earpieces is flat, lightweight and approximately 30 cm long so you get a good amount of cable slack so the cable isn't too tight nor too loose that it bounces on the back of your neck.
And, the Sensport X are also sound isolating and IPX7 waterproof so they can survive through the sweatiest and loudest of workouts. The construction of the Sensport X is entirely of thermoplastic with rubberized buttons.
The USB charging port cover is sealed off with a pop-up cover and so are the user control buttons which are located on the right earpiece and consist of a volume rocker on the bottom of the earpiece and a power button on the front of the earpiece.
The power button also controls bluetooth pairing, last call redial, accept/reject phone calls, play/pause and three-way calling so you can put a current call on hold and accept another call.
Bluetooth connectivity is via bluetooth 4.1 with a stable bluetooth connection and delivering quality HD sound thanks to the integration of bluetooth EDR. You can pair up to two bluetooth devices at the same time.
there is also a small led indicator on the back of the unit
Battery life is also important in a pair of wireless sport headphones especially if you tend to forget charging them after working out. The Sensport X battery life lasts a cool 8 hours so if you exercise 1 hour a day you can stash them in your gym bag without having to charge them for a whole week.
The integrated lithium polymer battery in the Sensport X also has a long stand-by of 220 hours so the battery holds a charge for 10 days without use. When charging, the led shows solid red and then solid blue when full charge is complete. If you see the red led slowly flashing it means battery life is low.

Talking about battery, the Sensport X feature fast fuel charging technology so the Sensport X fully charge in just 1.5 hours. The Sensport X are compatible with both Android and iOS devices but iOS devices display the Sensport X battery indicator on the screen which is pretty handy.

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