MIFA K8 Voice Amplifier For Tour guides, Teachers, Fitness Instructors

"Shush! Do you want to wake everyone?" Some people are naturally born loud talkers so in a public speaking situation they can project the volume of their speaking voice without the help of a microphone!
People with soft-spoken voices though, they need amplification in order to increase their voice volume.
If your voice is not strong enough, you will inevitable get a sore throat which is why if you do a lot of public speaking, talk to small groups, do guided tours or call bingo, you can benefit from a waistband voice amplifier like the Mifa K8.
The Mifa K8 voice amplifier helps you increase your voice volume so that others can hear you comfortably when you speak without straining your voice.
The K8 voice amplifier doesn't raise the tone of your voice but rather, it raises the overall volume sound of your voice. This means, if you speak with a low or high tone of voice, the amplifier will simply amplify your tone of voice.
The Mifa K8 voice amplifier does a good job at amplifying speech as well as music so it's great for dance, tour guides, teachers and fitness (yoga) instructors because of the integrated micro SD card memory slot (supports up to 32GB and MP3 files) which lets you playback songs and/or podcasts. 
micro USB charging cable included
The Mifa K8 outputs 10W via  a 2.5-inch speaker with a frequency response range between 120Hz and 18kHz. You get good bass and treble so the K8 voice amplifier handles music and speech pretty well.
As a small portable music speaker the Mifa K8 delivers reasonably good quality sound in the same ballpark as the A1 bluetooth speaker. If you need something more powerful, you should go for the A20 TWS speaker or the A10 Bluetooth speaker.
In all, the Mifa K8 is a neat bit of kit consisting of an amplifier with a speaker built in. You get playback buttons on top of the unit (play/pause button, previous button and next button), a volume dial to adjust the volume sound of the amplified voice, and a microphone socket to insert a microphone. 
can clip it on your waist
The micro USB charging port is located on the side of the unit. There is also metal loopholes for attaching the included clip off waistband which also doubles as a lanyard.
A fitness instructor type microphone is bundled up with the Mifa K8 voice amplifier so the microphone piece is lightweight and flexible allowing you to position the microphone head at any angle. 
As long as you don't have the speaker and microphone close together, you can turn up the volume without encountering feedback issues. 
The Mifa K8 amplifier is USB rechargeable so it does not require batteries, plus it holds a long charge thanks to the built-in 800mAh lithium battery. 
Considering its price, the Mifa K8 voice amplifier 10W speaker gives more expensive wireless P.A. systems a run for their money.

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