Meze 11 Neo Aluminum In-Ear Monitors

Nothing short of a work of sound art, the Meze 11 Neo in ear monitors are stunning to look at and a joy to wear in your ears!
The audio delivery is clean and balanced with deep bass and detailed treble, making the sound quality natural without overly emphasized bass nor unpleasant treble.
straight angle nozzles with aluminum filter mesh
The Meze 11 Neo earphone enclosure integrates 8mm drivers with titanium coated membrane with an impedance rating of 16 ohms so, the Meze 11 Neo in-ears can be effectively driven from a smartphone without requiring external amplification to deliver high audio levels.
The Meze 11 Neo earphones have a wideband frequency response range between 16Hz (lows) and 24kz (highs) with a massive sensitivity of 101dB (+/- 3db), making the Meze 11 Neo as good-sounding as the Roland RH-300 headphones!
A few other quality materials used in the construction of the Meze 11 Neo earphones include aluminum housing, 3.5mm gold-plated jack plug and oxygen-free-copper (7N OFC) wire built inside a 1.2 meter long rubberized nylon cable.
The integrated single-button remote/microphone box on the 11 Neo cable is also compatible with all 3.5mm headphone jacks. The remote mic works as good as the one in the Meze 12 Classics.
The Meze 11 Neo includes a few accessories such as shirt clip, user manual, stickers, cable management velcro strap, four sets of interchangeable silicone ear-tips, an extra set of Comply foam ear-tips and a snazzy carry zipper hard case.
The ear tips bundled with the Meze 11 Neo in ear monitors come in different sizes and do a good job of aiding reduction of background noise up to 26dB which is as good as a pair of musician earplugs.

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