EasySMX W8810 Backlit Rubber Dome Keyboard

What does an expensive keyboard do that a cheaper keyboard won't? As long as a keyboard gives you good responsiveness and a solid typing/gaming experience that's really all that matters! 
The W8810 rubber dome keyboard by EasySMX ticks all of the above plus has a good build quality with average keyboard flex, short key travel and backlighting.
The EasySMX W8810 keyboard features six individual multimedia keys along the top and short travel rubber dome switches which feel nice for a budget membrane keyboard.
Talking about gaming, the W8810 membrane keyboard has a nifty function up its sleeve (by pressing FN+Q) that changes the typing speed; hence enabling you to keep a constant fire attack during a game.
cable length is 47.5cm

The EasySMX W8810 keyboard has a UK layout with a small rectangular Enter key and Backspace key.
The EasySMX W8810 keys have a good rebound speed too on all key presses with a tactile space bar and clicky keys so you get a nice feel when typing and shoulder peeking when playing a FPS game like CS:GO. 
The W8810 keyboard also has swappable WASD and arrow keys and a small wrist rest for keeping wrists straight.  
While the EasySMX W8810 is only red backlit, you can set it to solid red or breathing effect and/or turn off the background light on the keyboard by pressing the key between FN and CTRL.
The brightness of the light can also be dimmed down and increased by pressing the FN key plus PAGE UP or DOWN keys. 
The EasySMX W8810 USB wired keyboard weights just under 900 grams and measures 47.5cm long, 19cm wide and 3.3cm high.
The EasySMX W8810 rubber dome keyboard is compatible with both MacOS and Windows including Windows 2000 all the way to Windows 10.
the EasySMX W8810 keyboard weighs 900 grams

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