Cleer Edge Pulse Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Exercise Headphones

Let's face it, the constant wrangling of cables while exercising can really spoil even the best of workouts! Anyone who takes their workouts seriously really wants to invest in a pair of workout headphones and what better choice than a pair of exercise headphones that can track your heart rate!
When it comes to sport headphones that can track your heart rate, there are many choices such as the Cleer Edge Pulse.
The Edge Pulse sport headphones are shockproof in-ear wireless headphones with IPX5 water-resistance rating that integrate heart rate monitoring, as well as flexible ear hooks that loop over your ears keeping the headphones secure.
The Edge Pulse can withstand 12.5 liter/minute jets (at 30 kPa) of water from a distance of 3 meters from any direction and for a duration of 3 minutes.
cable management
Considering that the Cleer Edge Pulse integrate heart rate monitoring, they are are small enough to fit in your ears without being uncomfortable.
The user control buttons, on the Edge Pulse, are located on the side of the right earpiece and consists of three multifunctional buttons (two volume buttons and power button).
The power button powers on/off the headphones as well as start the Bluetooth pairing process. The volume buttons control the next/previous songs and the answer/reject call operation.
led activity indicator
The actual heart rate sensor is built inside the left earpiece, and includes an infrared sensor that gets activated via touch sensitivity by long tapping on the right earpiece.
When you want a heart rate update, simply short tap the right earpiece for an instant audible heart rate BPM reading voice prompt.
to deactivate the heart rate monitor long tap the right earpiece
The Edge Pulse integrate voice guidance which helps the user experience, as well as six hours of playtime while the heart rate monitor is on.
cable is approx. 1ft long
The Cleer Edge Pulse also feature quick charge technology so a five-minute charge will give you one hour of playback time. To fully charge the 3.7V 120mAh lithium ion rectangular battery it takes two hours.
A few other neat features you get with the Edge Pulse exercise headphones include Bluetooth 4.2 with NFC which allows you to bypass the Bluetooth pairing process, making the process of connecting them up to a smartphone a breeze (your phone must support NFC).
the NFC chip is located on the left earpiece
The Cleer Edge Pulse Bluetooth 4.2 headphones also integrate with third party fitness/workout apps that support heart rate such as MapMyRun run, Endomondo and Codoon
As far as audio, the Cleer Edge Pulse sound quality is rich with plenty of bass thanks to 5.8mm neodymium drivers tweaked with a flat frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)
    silicone eartips (S, M, L), micro-USB cable, clip, and pouch include

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