Bondic UV Light Activated Bonding Adhesive Pen

Bonding is nice especially when it doesn't take an eternity! If you are looking for bonding stuff faster and stronger than any glue, check out the bonding adhesive solution called Bondic which is not a glue!
Bondic is an instant adhesive pen that works a lot like the tooth bonding stuff dentists use to bond teeth, fill cavities and fix chipped teeth as you can sand, file and paint over Bondic after it hardens.
With Bondic, you can fix broken and/or missing areas so you can use Bondic to create the part that is missing or the part that is broken and can't be repaired.
Bondic doesn't harden until you use the supplied UV light so there is no rush getting it right which you normally do with cyanoacrylate (aka superglue).
Bondic will not harden in natural light so you don't have to worry about getting it on your fingers like superglue which is a nighware getting it off your skin.
UV light switch
Another neat characteristic of Bondic is that you can bond stuff that is wet (not greasy) and you can bond stuff under matter too as long as the UV light can penetrate deep into the layer of Bondic itself. Bondic also doesn't contain residual solvents (so not as toxic) and because it's always in liquid form you won't experience the "stuck cap" issue that you get with glue bottles.
Talking about bonding, it only takes 3-4 seconds of shining the UV light for Bondic to set before it dries clear like a hard plastic. Instead of sticking two things together like you would with superglue, you need to surround the intersection where the two broken bits meet to literally build a new layer to bond the bits together.
two copper tubes bonded together by drilling hole to create stronger bond
Bondic creates a stronger bond if the two sides you are bonding have rougher edges so if you are bonding smooth edges it's a good idea to score the edges a little so the Bondic liquid can flow into the scored parts creating a much stronger grab.
Bondic does not work like superglue so you don't apply too much Bondic liquid at once, but rather very thin layers that you build one at a time. The reason being is that the UV light is not strong enough to cure thick layers of Bondic liquid; hence you want to add a thin layer of Bondic, shine the UV light for 3-4 seconds and repeat.
The Bondic starter kit comes with a glue applicator, an led UV light, a plastic container containing 4 grams of liquid Bondic and a tin case for storing everything.
There are actually three parts to Bondic which include the liquid container, the UV light and the orange holder that holds the UV light which is powered by a coin cell battery.


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