BESTEK Fast Boil LED Kettle BPA Free With Detachable 360-degree Base

Most standard jug-shaped plastic kettles are not BPA safe which means when boiling water in the kettle the plastic will leak toxic chemicals into the boiled water.
Whether you are a health conscious person or not, the last thing anybody wants is more toxins in their body, especially when those toxins hike up your estrogen levels like in the case of Bisphenol-A (BPA)
As you maybe aware, estrogen is the primary female sex hormone and the fact that BPA is used in baby accessories like bottles and sippy cups does raise many questions.
The easiest way to solve the problem of BPA leaching into your body via a kettle is not to use plastic kettles at all unless they are BPA free such in the case of the Bestek kettle with detachable 360-degree swivel power base which lets the kettle face any direction on the base.
BESTEK kettle model F-625K
Stainless steel kettles are another alternative such as those kettles with Wi-Fi feature and leds like in the case of this Bestek kettle which integrates blue leds around the inner base of the kettle that illuminate the water as it boils.
The actual heating element is concealed under a stainless steel flat surface that makes cleaning limescale much more easier than kettles with coil elements.
The Bestek kettle body is totally made of BPA free clear glass so you can see the water level inside the kettle. There are also water level line markings to help you measure water quantity. The total capacity of the Bestek F-625K kettle is 1.7 litres which is roughly eight 220ml cups.
The Bestek kettle is detachable from its base so the kettle lifts off from the base unit, which is the power base and features a cord with a 3-pin UK plug that plugs into an electrical socket.
detachable base
Talking about electrical power, the Bestek kettle delivers 3000W of fast boiling power. So fast the Bestek kettle boils, that it can boil a 220 ml cup of water in just 45 seconds, while boiling the entire 1.7L capacity takes just 4.5 minutes.
2-meter long power cord running beneath the detachable base
Having the power cord attach to a detachable base means you're not restricted by the length of the cord when filling and pouring into a cup, plus it's useful to have a kettle with detachable base especially if the electrical socket is in a "hard-to-reach" location.
The Bestek kettle has a proper spout with built-in mesh to filter limescale, as well as a heat resistant handle that does not transfer heat from the boiling kettle.
spout with filter mesh
The lid opens up via an eject button located on the top of the handle. The lid itself is also made of stainless steel and features a heat-resistant blob on top of it to protect scalding when closing the lid with your finger.
There is also an automatic shut off and boil dry protection feature built-in to the Bestek F-625K kettle so the kettle will turn off itself when it's accidentally turned on without water in it.
2 years warranty included

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