Beeasy Iphone 7 6S Heavy Duty IP68 Case

While a phone case makes a phone heavier and bulkier, there is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing you won’t be damaging it! If you own an iPhone 7 and use it in wet and dusty conditions, you want a heavy duty phone case like the Beeasy IP68 rubberized case to keep your precious iPhone protected.
The front of the casing of the Beeasy iPhone case has a built-in screen protector so if your iPhone has already a screen protector you will need to remove it for touch screen usability.
The screen protector also features a circular groove to operate the iPhone home button Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor (works just as good as without the case).
The plastic screen protector has a reflective glossy finish, you can still view the phone screen at a normal viewing angle even under strong sunlight. It's good also that the screen protector is slightly raised so the edge of the case is higher than the phone screen.
The rubberized sections of the Beeasy iPhone case are impact resistant thanks to the rubber being made of TPU which is a hard plastic with soft silicone material admixture.
The top and bottom covers of the Beeasy iPhone waterproof case are made of hard plastic while the core and sides are made entirely of TPU, making the Beeasy phone case solid and very grippy so it does not slip from your hands nor slide on the desk.
Removal of the top cover is done by removing the six allen screws, which is pretty straightforward. It's neat that two allen tools and spare allen screws are bundled with the Beeasy heavy duty case.
the black dot is the mute switch 
The Beeasy rugged case also has protective openings for the iPhone 7 speakers at the bottom to stop dust and water so volume levels are a little bit reduced but not so much that nobody can hear you on loudspeaker. Saying this, you always have the alternative to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth headset.
The Beeasy iPhone waterproof case has an IP68 waterproof rating so it can handle up to 4 meters of water depth for up to 4 hours so it would be perfect for scuba diving. While there is no ocean nearby to test out the waterproofing depth, the Beeasy iPhone case did pass the "paper test" by placing paper inside the case for the first time to see if water finds its way in.
The charging port door is usually a weak point in most waterproof phone cases but the Beeasy iPhone case has a thick pop-up cover seal with a hinge that prevents the pop-up cover from falling down.
The charging port hole is big enough too to fit the original iPhone 7 charging cable.
 slot to loop a lanyard (included)
The side buttons for the volume and sleep/wake buttons have a good tactile feedback. There is also a little black plastic bit on the left top corner of the Beeasy case to operate the iPhone mute switch button up and down.
When the Beeasy case gets dirty and builds-up moisture, you can run it under the water tap and/or wipe off the screen with the included cloth to remove smudges.
The total length of the Beeasy iPhone 7 case is 15 cm long, 8.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick and weighs 200 grams. The iPhone 7 weighs 138 grams alone so the total weight is 338 grams which is pretty hefty for a phone accessory but considering the expense of an iPhone 7, the extra weight makes it worthwhile.
As far as fit, the actual compartment where the iPhone 7 sits fits the iPhone 7 snugly inside the Beeasy iPhone case. You can also fit an iPhone 6S perfectly inside the Beeasy case as both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S have the exact same body size (138.3mm long x 67.1mm wide x 7.1 mm thick) and 4.7-inch retina screen.
Lifetime Warranty

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