ToastMade Galaxy S9 Plus Wood Phone Skin

To case or not to case? That seems to be the question most people face after getting a new phone, so it always becomes a bit of a debate since it's really a personal preference.
For some people, casing a phone is a no-brainer for keeping the phone pristine. Saying this, there is nothing like the "naked" freedom of a having a phone without a case. No added bulk and you get to show off the phone's naked beauty in all its glory.
Talking about naked, there are other alternatives to phone cases such as phone skins which are the closest thing you get to having a phone without case. A phone skin wraps around the contour of a phone, enhancing its shape which on some phones can be curvaceous. Plus, dirt won't be getting trapped like it does with snap-on phone cases.
On the topic of attractive curved shapes, phone manufacturers such as Samsung have used curves as their signature design on their Galaxy phones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy S9+ which maintains the Galaxy series va-va-voom.
There are some pretty cool Samsung Galaxy phone skins out there for the S9+ such as this wood skin by Toastmade which lets you customise the Galaxy S9+ smartphone without compromising its sexy design.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus skin by Toastmade is made with real walnut wood and you can actually smell is 100% wood.
3M 300LSE adhesive button/lens cover
The wood skin is sanded and finished by hand so it's smooth to the touch. The Toastmade wood skin also integrates 3M adhesive on the back which you peel off and stick along the contour of the Galaxy S9 plus.
The Toastmade wood skin is made in one seamless piece that wraps the back, sides and corners of the Galaxy S9+.
There is an option for different color covers (walnut, ebony, ash) for the buttons and camera lens surround to match the skin, as well as a matching front panel which adds extra protection without obscuring the curved glass infinity screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
The Toastmade Galaxy S9 plus wood skin is compatible with screen protectors and come with the fingerprint reader cutout so you can access it without problems. The Toastmade wood skin is just 0.7 mm thick, so it's very thin.
3M 468MP 200MP adhesive
As far as removing the Toastmade phone skin, the 3M adhesive can be easily removed without any sticky residue as long as the coating finish of the phone is not leather, leatherette, paint or rubber. Once removed, you won't be able to reuse the skin.
With that said, Toastmade skin is long-lasting after installing it. Should you mess up the installation, Toastmade do offer a free replacement which is neat.
Made in Portland Oregon, U.S.A.

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