EasySMX T47 DPI Switchable RGB Wired Mouse

Even if you are not a gamer, owning a gaming mouse as opposed to a standard mouse comes with some perks including adjustable DPI settings, DPI switches and more accurate sensors. All of these perks come extremely useful for accuracy in gaming and for content creation applications such as Photoshop that require you to frequently shift the DPI up and down.
The EasySMX T47 DPI switchable mouse lets you adjust the DPI on the fly via two buttons, one of which is located on the thumb area which allows you to down shift the DPI to 500 DPI temporarily by holding down the button.
thumb buttons: DPI button, forward button, backward button
The other DPI button is located on top of the mouse behind the scroll-wheel button and lets you switch DPI sensitivity between 750DPI (green led), 2000DPI (red led), 3500DPI (blue led), 5000DPI (yellow led), 7500DPI (purple led) and 10000DPI (white led). As you change DPI, the led color changes to indicate the DPI you are on.
RGB lighting is adjustable from a touch of a button too which is located behind the DPI button. The RGB button lets you toggle between six different lighting modes including neon, solid, breathing, seven-color cycle breathing, fading mode and "off" mode which lets you turn off the lighting completely.
While the polling rate on the EasySMX T47 gaming mouse is fixed to 500Hz (2ms) you get a smooth and snappy response time very close to 1000Hz (1ms). There's virtually not much difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz polling rate on a mouse anyways. If you plan to get a mouse with fixed polling rate, anything above 500Hz poling rate is good for gaming (250Hz or 125Hz will be too slow response time).
Talking about response time, the EasySMX T47 mouse features the PMW3325 optical sensor which is a good sensor that integrates 20g acceleration and 100 IPS (inches per second) maximum speed, which means the T47 gaming mouse can handle fast swiping speed before the optical sensor starts losing tracking from the surface and the mouse starts glitching out.
The EasySMX T47 mouse weighs 143 grams and measures 133mm long, 80mm wide, 42mm high so the T47 mouse can accommodate different size hands comfortably. 
The non-slip side skirt design is also neat as it helps you grip the mouse firmly in your hand. A firmer grip prevents slip off during gaming sessions.
Buttons are all-round responsive, particularly the left and right buttons which have a solid build perfect for games dealing with a lot of clicking and button mashing like Mega Man speedrun.
The T47 gaming mouse also comes with on-board memory so it remembers the RGB lighting and DPI settings that you set last time. You can also store up to 3 profiles.
Aside from the left and right buttons, all buttons can be programmed via the EasySMX software to use as hot-keys or shortcuts, which comes handy when gaming as the mouse can shorten the amount of controls that have to be done on the keyboard plus it is a lot more convenient.
cable management velcro strap
The 1.80 meter-long EasySMX T47 cable is rubber coated and ends in a USB 2.0 connector plug. While the T47 uses version USB 2.0, it works with USB 3.0 also.
inside the box
The EasySMX T47 gaming mouse works with Mac OS, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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